Sports Management

We combine our technical knowledge and our sports management experience: specific Sports Management solutions for clinics, campus and sport schools.

Sports management is part of our corporate DNA: we have more than 7 years specific expertise in this sector, our clients have diminished their management effort, automating processes and enhancing their performance in multiple areas, professionalizing their management.

Our campus and clinics management solutions manages yearly more than 100 sport events, from the client enrolments, to the online/offline payments, the billing, delivery, parent/client communication and reporting in more than 15 sites in 3 continents.


Campus & clinics management

Our solution enables our clients to manage summer camps with up to 3.000 participants, saving countless hours in repetitive tasks ans getting real-time information of the enrollments and delivery of the programs.

Multicampus and multicenter support and a private area for resellers and clients.

Sports academy management

Integral management of a sports academy with real time control of all the internal processes: assistance control, dashboards, private area for clients, online shop, mailing an accounting integration...

A 360 degrees solution to fulfill all the needs of a top academy.

System integration/evolution

We help you in the analysis of your systems and business processes and integrate them so you can enhance and speed up your business processes and let you focus on what really matters, your clients.

We make your systems' discrete parts to work together and work for you seamlessly. We have worked with systems such as Mindbody, Xero, Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, SendInBlue,...