Smart Data

Our team combines its technical knowledge with management experience, allowing an agile interlocution with business profiles and eliminating the management-technology gap.

Gone is the time when an Excel served as a weekly summary. In today's organisations, which are increasingly automated and interconnected with multiple systems, providing decision makers with a system of continuous and immediately available reporting and monitoring is a must.

The volume of data is growing exponentially, but companies need to process, refine and interpret it so that it can be transformed into useful information that really adds value when making business decisions. That is why the creation of report dashboards and visual reports, adjusted to the real needs of the business, is the best way to monitor the progress of your company.


In addition to the mere presentation of data in the form of dashboards and control panels, the use of machine learning and statistical methods allows us to analyse the data quickly and automatically. This allows us to:

  • Trend detection, client segmentation to optimise your marketing campaigns, detection of statistical anomalies...
  • Sales forecasts, customer evolution, predictive maintenance of your machinery...
  • Optimisation based on historical data: sales, occupation, resource use.
  • Automatic extraction of knowledge from text sources
  • Identify new business opportunities.

Data science will allow you to answer questions you didn't even know you had to ask.

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The data process starts with data collection, cleaning and analysis, where we evaluate the quality of the data and whether it is adequate to display the information your business needs.



Once we have the necessary data, clean and accessible, we build dashboards both to measure and using broad and easy to use tools such as Microsoft PowerBI, which will allow easy, segmented and secure access to your information.


Finally, we can set up a continuous and automated analysis of your data using statistical and machine learning techniques, and help you both identify patterns and predict future behaviour in order to open up opportunities or identify potential risks.

Step Zero - Business user training

We understand training as a 100% practical process so we have created Step Zero, a mix between a BI implementation project and a Microsoft Power BI course aimed at business users.

We want to escape from the typical course with example data that ends up in a forgotten folder when it is finished: How do we achieve this?

  • The data used for the course is the actual company data, not sample data.
  • The first phase is to work with your IT team to make the actual processing of the data available for analysis in real time.
  • The practical content (the workshops) are 100% tailor-made, based on your data and needs. The exercises themselves are useful for your business.
  • Additionally, we perform a professional dashboard performed by our instructor in the preparation phase.